Rights of way

Public rights of way are very important to the walker.

Finding Rights of way

Links are provided for your convenience but information may not always be accurate or up to date. (You should always check on the Councils definitive maps)

ROW maps.com cover much of the country. ROWMaps.com

Bedford Borough council map showing Rights of way and other facilities. Follow this link Bedford Borough Council. click “agree” at the bottom of the page then when you see the map select “Rights of way” from the pull down menu on the left.

Central Bedfordshire Council Central Beds ROW map


Reporting Problems.

If you find a problem with a Right Of Way you can ask the club to raise this for you or you can contact the relevant local authority direct but please also let us have the details for our records.  bedfordramblingclub@gmail.com

Bedford Borough Council:- If you have found a problem with one of the rights of way please either email or telephone. Important details to include are the precise location, the nature of the problem and additional contact details.
All enquiries please email Highways. Helpdesk@bedford.gov.uk or Tel: 01234 718003 or write -address: Room 436, 4th Floor, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP

Links to other local councils

Buckinghamshire County Council (new window)
Cambridgeshire County Council  (new window)
Central Bedfordshire Council (new window)
Northamptonshire County Council (new window

Bedford Borough council ROW guidance for farmers and landowners

Right of way issues raised by the club.

ROW Wootton Stilelow resWootton Footpath 27 – Keely Lane to Wood End Lane. Broken Stile in dangerous condition at Keely Lane end. (TL005460)

13/8/20 Reported 

21/8/2018 Informed that Council had written to Landowner 

10/9/2018 Resolved. Stile had been completely removed.

Kempston Rural footpath 18 / Wootton footpath 26 – Wood End Road to Keeley Lane. (SP998464 – SP999463) No signs or access to this footpath at either end.

16/8/2018 Reported 

17/8/2018 Advised case given report no 21179

5/12/2018  After chasing several times I was advised that this path was effectively lost in 1993 when due to a planning error permission was granted for a building which blocked access to the path from Wood End Road. There is no chance of getting it reinstated now.