COVID-19 Precautions


In order to comply with Government guidelines and help us to stay safe on walks we have produced a few guidelines

  1. Please DO NOT attend club walks or events if you are feeling unwell, have tested Covid positive or should be self isolating.
  2. Please be familiar with and comply with the current Government COVID-19 guidelines.
  3. Whether you’re organising your own walk with friends and family, or joining an organised club group walk, be aware of any travel restrictions that may be in force.
  4. Car sharing. Follow any rules or guidance in force.
  5. Please comply with social distancing restrictions (currently 2 metres). You can also wear a face covering if necessary.   
  6. Even if not part of the current government guidance we may impose our own “rule of six”. On arrival for a walk you may be split up into “sub-groups” of 6 people or less who will walk together. Individuals who are normally in close contact with each other should be placed in the same sub-group where possible. You should stay within your sub-group and the sub-groups should remain apart from each other for the duration of the event. This is intended to limit your potential exposure to infection and limit the people involved should there be a problem and the need for Test and Trace and self isolation become necessary. The leader will lead the first sub-group with subsequent sub-groups asked to follow each other staying separated by a 10-20 yard gap throughout the walk. (Please do keep an eye on the sub-group behind you so nobody gets left behind.)
  7. You should minimise contact with gates, stiles etc as much as possible.
  8. The use of gloves and hand sanitisers where appropriate is encouraged.
  9. Your name, contact phone number and the group you are walking with will be recorded by the walk leader and held by the club to assist with NHS Test and Trace if necessary.

Please enjoy your walk safely.